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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Thanks for celebrating World Down Syndrome Day with us

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in and organised so enthusiastically our first ever Tea for 3-21 events to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day 2007. The concept seems to have captured imaginations, and to have been an enjoyable way to raise awareness in a way that is comfortable and convenient for a broad range of people, within whatever communities they found themselves at the time. And lots of you generously raised much appreciated funds at the same time - thank you again.

It was lovely o read your comments as they came in via email, and to have so many families of both children and adults tell us how proud they were to celebrate their son or daughter's life. It can be hard for other people (are they those same "others" we once thought things like Down syndrome happened to?) to really "get it" that we truly do have something wonderful to celebrate. When you met someone who "gets it", you just know.

Have a read of Dave Hingsburger's Blog of Monday, April 02, 2007, entitled "Lessons" and you'll see that he "gets it".

"Walk With a Mate" scheduled for 14th October 2007 is a similar "feel good" event - a happy, easy day to get together. So put that in the diary too, and we'll see you there - we'll be the ones with the big smiles, and a spring in our step.