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Online information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), currently rolling out across Australia, is available from many sources, including the mainstream media and more specialised organistions and individuals, and in many formats. 

The NDIS is new to everyone, and there is no single information source that provides all the information you might need in a form that you will find useful. Members can contact Down Syndrome NSW support planning staff for individual assistance. 

We post news and commentary updates on this blog every couple of weeks, from a range of sources, under the National Disability Insurance Scheme label, with the image above to help you find them quickly. Information about NDIS information events is posted under both the Events and NDIS labels.

Below is a selection of online information sites, most of which also maintain a presence on other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter:

The official NDIS website provides access to documents, and up to date information about how the NDIS works, and NDIS events such as local workshops and webinars.

  • Weekly Q and A - from 24 March 2017, NDIS answers the most commonly asked questions thought to be helpful to a wide range of people who visit NDIS social media channels. Weekly posts on the 'News" page.

Down Syndrome Australia - as the national peak body for people with Down syndrome and their families, DSA regularly monitors, comments on and contributes to consultations and development of the NDIS. Follow the news page for the latest news and commentary from DSA.

NDIS and Me - people with Down syndrome and/or their families and carers can join the closed Facebook Group, NDIS and Me, for discussion specifically about the NDIS and people with Down syndrome.

Disability Loop - a way to find out more about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Disability Loop is a project funded by the NDIS. It is run by, and for, people with disability and their allies.

Every Australian Counts - an very active campaign in lobbying for the NDIS, Every Australian Counts maintains roles in advocacy, monitoring and information provision during the rollout of the NDIS.

My Choice Matters - events, workshops and resources about participating in the NDIS, funded by the NSW Consumer development Fund.

InCharge - a business offering 'an alternative approach, tackling old problems in new ways and offering services that are unique. We offer participants an opportunity to directly invest in their own capacity.' Not exclusively about the NDIS, but includes resources and events to help explain how various aspects of the NDIS can work for participants.

Carers NSW - stay up to date with all if the latest NDIS information for carers by subscribing to Carers NSW monthly NDIS update
Two other closed Facebook groups (only members can see the posts) that you might find useful for answering particular queries are:
  • NDIS Grassroots Discussion - a large group run for and by people with all kinds of disabilities, and welcoming of carers - the administrators are very experienced in managing discussions that can become robust at times, as criticism of the NDIS is raised
  • the newer and smaller I Love NDIS aims to promote discussion of individual's successes in putting their plans together and implementing them.

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