Friday, 20 January 2012

More from siblings ...

Agnieszka aged 9 and Magdalena aged 5 (who has Down syndrome) live in rural Wales, and are home schooled.  Agnieszka is a very keen and skilled young filmmaker, who is documenting her life with her sister.  Part 1, a short (2 m 55 s) video, was released a year ago:

Agnieszka released Part 2, documenting 2011, this week - it is a 15 minute video, remarkable for its quality and depth.   She plans to release an update each year.  

Magdalena only began to walk and to talk at age 4, and has made remarkable progress. Agnieszka is an excellent narrator.  There are many delightful moments here, as well as a well as a very cohesive overall picture of the sisters, from their own perspective. 

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