Friday, 26 September 2014

On employment

Employment is a hot topic among people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities and those who care for and support them.  The employment experiences of people with Down syndrome in Australia is as varied as in other countries (and it is not always pretty), and continues to evolve:

Ticket to Work
Down Syndrome NSW eUpdate, September 2014 #1
A recent report The Transitions to Employment of Australian Young People with Disability and the Ticket to Work Initiative, notes that “the current transition to employment support systems are largely failing Australian young people with disability and condemning these young people to a marginalised and dependant life with reduced opportunity for social and economic participation”.
The report advocates for all Australian young people with disability to receive access to ‘good transition’ activities, activities generally provided as a matter of course to their non-disabled peers.

New scholarship opens door to hospitality role for people with disability
Natasha Boddy, Sydney Morning Herald, 24th September 2014
Young people with a disability who want to work in hospitality can apply for a new training scholarship under a program available in Canberra ...

Tim Hortons model the tip of the iceberg for hiring people with disabilities
Barbara Turnbull, The Star, 16th December 2014
Clint Sparling loves his job. And since the day Sparling, who has Down syndrome, began work at a Scarborough Tim Hortons nearly 20 years ago, he has been Mark Wafer’s best employee ...

A Hotel Hires And Trains People With Disabilities As Part Of Their Business Plan
San Francisco Globe (SFG), 29th August 2014
It started with a simple idea. Why shouldn't those with disabilities get the same employment opportunities as others? Patu Keshwani and his staff decided to change it ...

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