Friday, 12 December 2014

People with Down syndrome in the media

When Suzie Barry came into Jason Ward’s tattoo shop the first time, she knew exactly what she wanted and he knew better than to turn her away. He gave her the tattoos she requested and she was on her way …

This story has been all over the online disability community this week - here is another report:
An Artist Who Wrapped and Bound Her Work, and Then Broke Free
Lawrence Downes, New York Times, 1st December 2014
... Ms. Scott had no formal training, no education to speak of, could not hear or speak and had Down syndrome. Her work exists without explanation, even as to how it should be displayed. Right-side up or down is a curator’s assumption. Every one of her 200 or so pieces is “Untitled.”

The art world does agree that the works are superb. They are shown around the world, the subject of articles, books and films ...

Down's syndrome bowls snub brothers play with England team
Hull Daily Mail, 4th December 2014
... the brothers were told they could not join the Elloughton Short Mat Bowling Club when they visited in October. After members of the English Short Mat Bowling Association (ESMBA) found out about their story, they invited them to the British Championships, held in Wales ...

Leslie Merchant, Thurston Talk, 18th November 2014
What’s your dream? Are you living it today? If you are like me, you probably have it stored up on a shelf in your “someday” closet. I recently met a young man named Dylan Kuehl who lives his dreams every day. Dylan is 31-years-old, and a quick look at his resume makes me feel like I have some serious catching up to do ...

Florida fighter with Down syndrome finally achieves his dream
Damon Martin, Fox Sports (Haymaker blog), 15th November 2014
All Garrett Holeve wanted was a chance to fight. The 25-year old Florida native battled for more than two years for the chance to step inside a ring or cage and live his dream to compete in a mixed martial arts fight. The thing that stopped Holeve from being sanctioned in his home state is the very perception he was fighting against by getting involved in MMA in the first place. Holeve was born with Down syndrome ...

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