Thursday, 4 June 2015


Exploring sexual and social understanding: an illustrated pack designed for working with people with learning disabilities
Edited by Karen Dodd, Keith Jones, Heather Liddiard and James Stroud,  2nd edition, British institute of Learning Disabilities.
This pack has been developed to provide a flexible visual resource that can be used to assess sexual knowledge and capacity to consent, and help to teach and discuss appropriate social and sexual behaviour ...

Diversity and Disability Alliance
Diversity and Disability Alliance is a user led disability support organisation, run by and for people with disability from diverse backgrounds with the support of families and allies. We assist people to live the lives they choose. We are an independent, collective voice committed to diversity and full inclusion ... Our President Diana Qian has written a blog for the Every Australian Counts Campaign with the title How will the NDIS talk to a quarter of the disability population?

Down's Syndrome Association UK Journal
Selected past issues of the Journal are available online, here.

New issue of Service Support and Success

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