Monday, 3 August 2015

We Can Work with the Right Support: petition and campaign

This Inclusion Australia campaign has the support of Down Syndrome Australia and the NSW Council on Intellectual Disability:

We Can Work with the Right Support is an Inclusion Australia  petition and campaign. Please spread the word about the petition to as many people as possible. Share this email with friends, and post on Twitter and Facebook.

I Can Work
Meet Gerard from Melbourne, and Janine from Tasmania. You can read Gerard's and Janine's stories of working in open employment at "I Can Work".

Did you know?
UK researchers in the 1950s tested beliefs about the capacity of people with significant intellectual disability to work. By 1958, researchers found that while the initial ability on work tasks tends to be low, this initial ability has little relationship with the work capacity achieved with training. This is still true today -- 57 years later! Unfortunately, the current disability employment system imposes job capacity testing on youth with intellectual disability. This often 'brands' them as having little or no work capacity and prevents this group from an opportunity to get the right support to work in the open labour market.

Inclusion Australia is proposing that a new disability employment support system should presume work capacity and provide evidence based transition-to-work and open employment support. Belief + Evidence Based Support = The best opportunity to achieve employment outcomes.

The campaign web site has a collection of Australian and international videos demonstrating the capacity of people with intellectual disability to work in open employment with the right support. Watch the videos.

More Information
The campaign website contains information about open employment and people with intellectual disability including documents, news, videos, FAQs, and facts and figures.

Inclusion Australia

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