Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Portals to Encounters
Promotional video for the launch of new website for a northern NSW arts organisation. (3m 52s)
Sprung, 21st November 2015

Daly Mail Australia, 25th October 2015
One of the artists has one of her paintings hanging in Prince George's bedroom. One has had his cartoons exhibited at London's Tate Modern.  Another is a Sydney teenager who has been painting for just 18 months but is now selling works around the world.

They are among a collective of 26 artists from the around the world whose works are about to go up for sale in an exhibition ... on Fifth Avenue in New York ...

4 Artists You Need to Know
Kelle Hampton, Enjoying the Small Things, 22nd October 2015
... If we can ...  provide more learning opportunities, facilitate in any way we can to increase the chance of employment and independent living so adults with special needs can have the most fulfilling life possible, that gaping hole of need closes a bit more.

One more way we can address this need is in shifting our consumer habits. We flip through catalogues, search websites, browse shops and scan Etsy for gifts, pretty things for home and art for our walls. If we transferred that buying over to artists with special needs who depend on selling a few pieces a month to help pay for apartment rent or groceries or dinner out with a friend–money that makes them recognize the importance of their contribution in the world? Then we’ve completed a circuit. Full circle, everybody wins ...

Moving Picture: Photographer with Down syndrome sells artwork
Daily Herald, 4th November 2015
Short video about the photography of Geoffrey Mikol

Northern Star, 23rd November 2015
Byron Youth Theatre's dynamic new production "Outspoken" will soon showcase the talents of six young people with disabilities in an innovative performance that explores themes of inclusion, belonging and identity ...

Lydian's Space - Creatability Project
ABC Open, 23rd November 2015
In Lydian’s Space you will meet two big personalities. Lydian Dunbar is a music artist in a sensational electronic experimental pop band Tralala blip. Alex Lyngaas is a travel show personality who was visiting Australia from Norway and just happened to be living one street down from Lydian’s house in Bangalow, NSW ...

Pottery to the Max (on The Life That Max Built)
... This young man who, supposedly, has a disability, produces ceramic pieces that are outstandingly beautiful ...
New commissions give artists with disability centre stage
Performing Arts Hub, 10th November 2015
With the announcement of its 2016 Artistic Program, Carriageworks is giving artists with disability centre stage ...

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