Sunday, 20 March 2016

21 people with Down syndrome at work - 21 different jobs (20)

Day 20

A great deal of progress has been made over the last couple of years, with increasing inclusion of people with disabilities in all forms of advertising. And none is more prominent than Australian model, Madeline Stuart, as you probably know.

Her recognition in the media is largely about her successfully emerging career as one of very few professional models in the world with Down syndrome, and she has been ready to capitalise on her access to media to advocate for others with Down syndrome too.

Lately, Madeline has worked for a second time at New York Fashion Week in February, and the most recent media coverage has been for a wedding venue promotion in which she  models a number of bridal gowns:
...  ‘If she gets a lot of attention, it’s amazing because we can speak to the world about inclusion and diversity. In a way, if she doesn’t get as much attention it means it’s becoming the norm. It’s a win either way.’
Madeline's own website will lead you to her presence on other social media platforms.

Added 21/03/2016:  Madeline Stuart, Supermodel With Down Syndrome Wants You To Dream Big, Julia Naughton, HuffPost Australia
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