Monday, 10 October 2016

World Mental Health Day: 10 October

Today, 10 October, is World Mental Health Day. NSW Council on Intellectual Disability on Facebook published a timely reminder of it's print resources on 5 October 2016:
Worried. Sad. Angry. Scared. Upset. 
We all have these feelings sometimes. If these feelings last 2 weeks or more or keep coming back it maybe a mental health issue. 
NSW CID has Mental Health Fact Sheets - good info and and great conversation starters around what can be a sensitive topic. 
Ask CID can also help with information and referral to Mental Health services 
Ph 1800 424 065 
Mental Health Day is near, so maybe it's time to check in on your Mental Health or the health of someone you know.
Down Syndrome NSW resources on mental health in people with Down syndrome
NSW Mental Health Commission: October is Mental Health Month
Mental Health Month NSW is part of a national mental health promotion campaign held throughout October each year. The timing of the campaign centres on World Mental Health Day, which is marked each year on October 10. 
For further information visit the Mental Health Association NSW website.

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