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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

News article about an 80 year old man with Down syndrome

We are asked several times each year about the greatest age that a person with Down syndrome has reached, and each year we hear about several people living into their 70s. There is great interest in the health of older people with Down syndrome, and in what we can learn about the ageing process.

The Waseca (Minnesota) News reports about Bert (Junior) Holbrook, who celebrated his 80th birthday last Sunday. Mr Holbrook was raised at home, in a time when that would have been unusual, and enjoyed the benefits of a small community. His health has deteriorated with his advanced age, and he is now a valued resident at Elm North, a health care facility in the town. He lives a remarkably active life, and might be the world's oldest man living with Down syndrome.

Click here for the article and a photograph.

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