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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Adam and Beau turn 21

Many of our members and readers have followed the adventures of identical twins, Adam and Beau Polley, from the mid-north coast of NSW over the years.  Last weekend they celebrated their 21st birthday - congratulations Adam and Beau!

Polleys party

by Alex Druce

Two fantastic young men marked a major milestone on the weekend.

Charity Creek identical twins Adam and Beau Polley celebrated their 21st birthday with 50 family and friends at the Wingham Services Club on Sunday, reflecting on what have been extraordinary lives so far.

Adam and Beau were born with Trisomy 21 Down Syndrome.

They are one of only a few known sets of [identical] twins in Australia with Down Syndrome, so when they were born there was much interest in the community about the special pair. But this interest was matched by a great level of community support – something Narelle is extremely grateful for.

“In the whole 21 years we’ve never had a bad experience – people have been fantastic in Wingham.”

Although Narelle knew she was having twins, it was a shock to discover her new born twins were born with the chromosome abnormality.

“It’s been a challenge but the rewards have outdone this challenge. They are just so loving and happy and carefree.”

Adam and Beau’s primary school years were spent mostly at Manning Gardens with a short stint at Wingham Public School which they thoroughly enjoyed.

The twins currently live with mum Narelle and dad John on the family farm at Charity Creek. They also have two older brothers Josh and Shaun, and a sister Simone.

Both lads are presently going to Breakthru Employment to learn living skills and seek part-time work.

Adam is currently doing work experience at McGrath’s Meats in Taree, and they are very impressed with the way he works. He has previously worked for Ron Crossingham Plumbing.

Beau is currently doing work experience at Coles Wingham and there is a possibility of him getting some part time work in the butcher section. Both twins have previously worked for McDonalds at Taree South.

Beau and Adam are also a great source of help on the Polley family farm.

“They are unbelievable workers,” mum Narelle said.

“People are really amazed at how much they do. They can do most work on the farm, even the milking unassisted. They soon tell you if things are not done right, there are no short cuts with them - it must be done properly.

Narelle said the boys are keen to move into to town to live on their own.

“But they want to take their mule, ute and the cows too!” she said.

Narelle said she felt extremely proud when friends and workmates of Adam and Beau spoke about them on Sunday.

“Everyone who has worked with the lads, including their carers, Tafe teachers, employers, have been amazed at their good manners, knowledge and abilities,” she said.

“They are dedicated to working hard and doing their best at all times.”

Reprinted with permission from the Wingham Chronicle

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