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Monday, 10 October 2011

Postcards from Europe (2)

Our second postcard from Hannah and Kit's family on their European Grand Tour - if you missed it, the first one is here.

We are having a great time in Paris. It is such a beautiful city even on a rainy day like today. So far the twins favorite spots have been the Tour Eiffel (Hannah) and the Musee D'Orsay (Kit).

The Eiffel Tower staff were very helpful when we asked about accessibility for Hannah, in allowing us straight through - no queuing up - which was great. Little brat loved it as well as the icecream she had afterwards. She still points it out excitedly when we see it in the distance.

The Louvre is an impressive building but not so helpful and with the crowds all ignoring the 'no camera' signs I was a bit put out when we were chipped twice for silly things such as Hannah sitting down (her legs are quite short) with one foot crossed - no shoes on the chairs.

The Musee D'Orsay was much better for us and the art was fabulous. As we had children we were immediately sent to the shorter queue, the one that did not stretch out into the rain.

We have found the French to be tolerant and more often than not, generous with our fumbling and poor French. There are some wonderful green areas but we have not really had the chance to take the kids to a playground, lucky they love coloring in. Which Mona Lisa do you prefer?

My favorite place was the afternoon trip to Giverny. It was good to see some of the lush French countryside and we all loved roaming through the absolutely enchanting garden at Monet's house. A beautiful and relaxing outing.

The sleeping patterns of the kids has just gone downhill in the last day or so so I am not sure if it is a delayed form of jet lag but I can say it isn't very pretty. Hopefully they will settle back into routine soon.

Soon we will fly to Venice. I am sure my carbPrincess will love Italy, the place of pasta, pizza and gelato. How could a little girl not love it? Kit has been learning Italian at school and is keen to put some of his skills to use.
I am sad that we will miss the Buddy Walk this year. I hope the sun shines on a great day for you all.

Au revoir

PS With less child focussed things to do we have been watching Ratatouille in our apartment (which does not offer views of the tower but is near the Arc de Triomphe). The ambience of the drawn curtains of our living area are fantastic, so Phil and I get to enjoy the atmosphere and the kids get to wind down.


Geoff. Phillips said...

Looks like all of you are having a wonderful time. Venice will be great, enjoy.
Don't worry about Stellar she is not missing, she is to busy giving orders and sleeping on and IN my bed.
Have a wonderful time
Love Grandpa.

Geoff. Phillips said...

Keep up the good work, you do a great job

Adelaide Dupont said...

I also hope you have a wonderful time in Italy.

It was a great surprise to discover the postcards. A good practice, so the people of New South Wales can think about taking their kids places (even during the Global Financial Crisis).

Glad the Musee d'Orsay was accessible and I do like both Mona Lisas.

Cameras! Especially in crowds. Wanted to let you know that most countries in the European Union have a "right to paranoma" law.

And the Tour d'Eiffel!