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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Weekend reading and viewing 23 - 24 June

A father's quest to make daughter's dreams come true - some wise people, including one of favourites, Dave Hingsburger, advises that we should not squash the dreams of people with intellectual disabilities in the name of 'reality', and have given some great advice on the purpose of dreams and how we can seek to incorporate them in real lives, just as this Dad is doing.

The Value of Work - people with intellectual disability speak for themselves about the value of work in this short campaign video from New Zealand.

Disabled Woman Dies While Awaiting Second Chance At Kidney Transplant - news report from the US

Killian and Laim: better together - a classic series of photos from a recent Special Olypmics event in Ireland

Do teens with Down syndrome give compliments? A nice anecdote, and here's the main link to the blog, because you might want to read more ...

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