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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

On inclusive education

Debate about segregation and inclusion of students with disabilities in schools has been waged for decades. In some countries (Italy is the best known example), all segregated schools were closed many years ago, but that is still unusual.

Differences are clearly not based only on research about educational outcomes, cost/benefit, funding and other resources, or the disability label the student is given, but also on values and beliefs:

It's time to end segregation of special education students, professors say
University of Kansas News, 10th February 2015
The time has finally come to end the separation of special education and general education students, researchers at the University of Kansas argue in a new publication. Not only does research show that all students have higher achievement in fully integrated environments, but support and public policy for schools to make such a switch are coming into place as well ...

The Elephants in the Special Needs Room
Phoebe Hoomes, Herding Cats, 19th January 2015
... Living in the world of special needs means, it seems that we keep so much to ourselves. The most common feedback I get from the blog is “You put into words what I can’t say.” and “I can totally relate!!!” And I’ve realized, we don’t really talk about the elephants in the room. Maybe because we’re too busy trying to keep them from stepping on tiny dogs and crashing into bookcases. So I thought I’d point out some elephants ...

Separate curriculum for students with disability no good for anyone
The Conversation, 12th November 2014
The review of the Australian curriculum raises major concerns about access to a quality curriculum for students with disability. Under the guise of creating greater inclusivity, the review recommends a separate curriculum for some students with disability ... This aspect of the review was widely reported in the media with an implicit acceptance of its accuracy. It is so commonplace for people with disability to miss out on services and resources that it is easy to accept that this is also the case with the Australian curriculum ...

Included, Everyone
Rachel Adams, Huffington Post,18th June, 2014
... At Henry's school inclusion isn't just an educational practice, but part of a curriculum organized around teaching social justice, civil rights and diversity ...

Disabling segregation: Dan Habib at TEDx
Published 22nd April 2014
Photojournalist Dan Habib didn't give much thought to disability — until his son Samuel was born with cerebral palsy. In this emotional talk, the disability-rights advocate explains his family's fight to ensure an inclusive education for Samuel, and how inclusion benefits not just Samuel and those who are included, but all of us ...

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