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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Weekend reading: 18th - 19th April 2015

True or False: 90% of Babies with Down Syndrome are Aborted
Amy Julia Becker, Thin Places, 13th April 2015
For years, I have read news headlines in Christian and secular outlets, from conservatives and liberals alike, stating that “90% of babies with Down syndrome are aborted.” As I have argued before, and as a new study demonstrates, it’s just not true. Correcting this common misconception matters both in providing accurate information to pregnant women and in normalizing the experience of receiving a child with Down syndrome ...

What it's really like to have a child with Down syndrome
Jessica Voetmann, The Voetmann Family, 25th September 2014
... What I’d like to share in this post is what it’s really like to have a child with Down syndrome, for me at least because I’m sure everyone’s experience is completely different. No sugar coating, no pity party. Just the reality of it ...
News Anchor to Home Maker, 14th April 2015
... when I learned about your brother’s diagnosis, I sadly exited the present and lived in your future ...

Recognising pain in the non-verbal child
Yvonne Newbould, The Special Needs Parents' Handbook, 14th April 2015
... What if you were really in extreme pain, and nobody knew? What if, despite screaming out and thrashing about and doing everything you could think of to try and alert other people to help you with this excruiating pain, someone assumed you were “playing up” and “being difficult”. It happens ...

Carers deserve more credit in the retirement incomes debate
Myra Hamilton, The Conversation, 2nd April 2015
Australia could not function without the enormous and mostly hidden contribution of carers. We are talking not only of parents of small children, but also of the large number of Australians who provide care for people with disability, a long-term illness or frailty due to old age. Yet because of their commitment to meeting the needs of others they are much more likely to live in poverty in their old age ...

Student diversity category: award winner and runners up
The Guardian, 19th March 2015
Last year, the (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama) launched its performance making diploma for learning-disabled adults, in partnership with the learning disabled theatre company Access all Areas. The aim was to widen participation to a group often excluded from performance-related training courses and from the professional theatre industry ...

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