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Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Employment has many dimensions for everyone - for people with Down syndrome there are extra considerations, arising largely from a history of low expectations that 'employee' was a role that most would ever fill. This post highlights just a few of the increasing variety of jobs that some people with Down syndrome hold down now, at the same time as some struggle to find a job at all:

Cafe in Istanbul only employs workers with Down syndrome
Daily Sabah, 20th June 2015
At first glance, there is nothing out of the ordinary in Down Café located in one of the more well off neighborhoods of Istanbul.

The hint is in the name. Indeed, all 25 employees, aged 18 to 25, have Down syndrome.

"Down Cafe was established to create employment and increase the self-confidence of young people with Down syndrome," says Saruhan Singen, who opened the café in Sisli district of Istanbul ...
Maddie Stuart, model with Down syndrome, lands her first gig with fitness brand Manifesta
Jenny Noyes, Daily Life, 7th July 2015
... Stuart has landed her first modelling contract, fronting a campaign for body-positive activewear brand Manifesta, which designs clothes specifically with curvy women in mind .... it also showcases its clothes on strong, healthy women of all shapes and sizes ...

Ethical Hotel managed by staff with Down Syndrome
Annalisa Lista, WEST, 22nd June 2015
Italy’s first ethical hotel has opened in Asti, run by staff with Down’s syndrome. It has 21 rooms and a staff of impeccable waiters, receptionists, sommeliers and tour guides with Down’s syndrome offering a wide range of services, with something for everyone ...

A first for the Minneapolis Police Reserves
Everyone Employed, 1st May 2015
Ever since Sam was young he has been passionate about helping others in his community, information that was discerned during the early phases of his employment discovery journey. More recently, it has become clear that Sam has developed a strong interest in law enforcement and detective work ...

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