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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Employment matters

Andrew Heaton, Non-Profit News, 19 May 2017
In any recruitment process, it is the employer who makes the final hiring decision and who must be persuaded that a particular candidate can help to drive positive outcomes for his or her business.

This is especially the case when it comes to people with disability ...

A new approach to disability in the workpplace
Victoria George, Australian Network on Disability, 26 April 2017
While people with disability still struggle to find jobs, many employers are introducing positive new strategies to support a diverse workforce ...
 ... “But employers need to be aware of less visible disabilities, such as learning impairments ... We also need to think about adjustments for situations we might not think of as disabilities” ...

Paying people with learning disabilities lower wages perpetuates inequality
Rob Greig, The Guardian (UK), 16 March 2017
Calls to pay people with learning disabilities below the minimum wage fly in the face of the evidence – not to mention the law.
When is one person of less value than another? According to some, when they have a learning disability and are looking for work. Rosa Monckton, businesswoman and parent of a learning disabled woman, has reignited calls for the law to be changed so that employers can pay people with learning disabilities below the minimum wage. Journalist Libby Purves then chimed in with her support ...

Campbell Page Set to Transform Views on Disability in the Community
Pro Bono, 3 April 2017
The Campbell Page team hopes to make a positive change in the Australian workforce this year by strengthening partnerships with local community and employers by championing disability and inclusion ...

The Soft Bigotry of Low ExpectationsKelly Vincent, Probono News, 20 February 2017
... When it comes to employment it seems that there exists this culture of low expectation, there is also fear, and there is a view that it is absolutely fine to pay someone with a disability $3 (or less) an hour when the rest of us are supported by laws that guarantee us a minimum wage.

Time and time again I hear about the resistance, ignorance and outright prejudice of employers when it comes to having a conversation around employing people with disabilities ...

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