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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Our new admin assistant Ellen Hester did a fantastic job presenting at our Education Conference last week.  Here's what Ellen had to say about her experience.

Ellen’s Blog’s                                                        29/3/18

I felt excited when I got to do a speech at the Conference. I also gave some advice to the teachers at the Conference about what I have done at school. I did my presentation on power point slide and talked about what I have done at school. Also I am the new office admin at DS NSW. 

I feel really comfortable when I am giving a speech up on stage. For the good points Marissa gave me a couple of questions I have to answer which it is really good. But for the bad points some teachers didn’t ask me any questions when I gave a speech to them which was fine though.

My friend Rae came to the conference she was a bit nervous but Rae spoke really well. When she gets the hang of it she was fine when she gave the speech to the teachers. Also towards the end of the speech I gave her a box of Favourite chocolates to share with her family. She was really happy I gave it to her.

For Thursday and Friday the people there were really nice. I get to hand out the chocolates to the guest speakers. They did really well and also on the morning and afternoon breaks we get in there and mingle with other people. It continues towards at the end of the day but I left around 1pm. But the food was amazing there were sandwiches and filled pastries and jam drop donuts were my favourite. When I spoke on Friday, when I finished my speech Chris gave me Lint Chocolates which was great. 


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