Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Down syndrome awareness ... and beyond (2)

Raising awareness about the abilities and needs of people with Down syndrome is needed within professional communities, too.  These articles are designed to inform medical professionals:

Do expectant moms receive adequate information on Down syndrome?
David McNamee, Medical News Today, 2nd October 2014
October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Though an annual campaign, it seems particularly relevant right now due to recent high-profile controversies involving negative perceptions of Down syndrome pregnancies ...
David McNamee, Medical News Today, 3rd October 2014
Yesterday, as part of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we looked at some of the controversial issues and popular perceptions surrounding pregnancy and Down syndrome. Now, in a follow-up feature, we speak to scientists and organizations who are working on groundbreaking research to improve outcomes for people with Down syndrome ...

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness MonthKishore Vellody, Be Glad You Have Children's, 6th October 2014

... There are an estimated 350,000 people with Down syndrome living in the United States today. However, most people are not aware of some very interesting facts about Down syndrome. Most medical textbooks and websites tend to focus on the potential medical complications that people with Down syndrome may face. However, I think a blog on Down Syndrome Awareness month is a great place to talk about a few of the many positive aspects of Down syndrome that are not frequently discussed. Let me share some examples of what I mean ...

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