Friday, 24 October 2014

Weekend reading and viewing: 25th-26th October 2014

Life is therapy too …
Leticia KeighleyEmbracing Wade, 22nd October 2014
I’d love to be that kind of mum you see online, who has shelves full of interesting things that enliven and inspire their kids ... but I’m not.

10 things I've learnt about having a child with Down's Syndrome
Ellen Wallwork, parentdish, 21st October 2014
Steve Palmer's 12-year-old son Stanley has Down's Syndrome ... "We're not looking to inspire, we're just getting on with things. Being disabled doesn't automatically make you inspiring and we didn't ask for that label, so I wish people wouldn't impose it on us." ...

Sons and mothers 
Documentary on ABC iView until 2nd November 2014
'This film will leave you rethinking what it means to be disabled, a parent, a son and wanting to know where and when you can see the amazing stage show documented in this fantastic film.'

... 'Sons and Mothers' is an intimate portrait of a group of men who meet once a week as part of the Men’s Ensemble theatre troupe. They embark on a year-long creative process to create a theatrical love letter to their mothers and as they reveal themselves things get complicated and not everyone makes it to opening night ...

Caregver burnout
Beth Ryan, Love Explosions, 15th october 2014
... The voices of happy families get drowned out by the voices of those in the sexy depths of despair. As such, a real disservice is done to Autistic people and their families because they don’t get to see that happiness is very possibly well within reach ...

The Right Foot Workshops
Dirty Feet, September 2014
A beautiful album of 55 photographs taken during the Right Foot Workshops (dance) at Bankstown in September.

Accessible Arts Newsletter, October 2014 issue

The 2014 Special Olympics National Games closing ceremony takes place this evening in Melbourne. Follow the action on Facebook:

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