Thursday, 25 February 2016


Online courses: Intellectual Disability Healthcare around the World
... Worldwide, 60+ million people with intellectual disability experience poor health, die prematurely and receive inadequate healthcare. You will gain an understanding of the barriers and enablers for people with intellectual disability, their families, and their healthcare providers. 
In our courses, you will learn about best practice in the field of intellectual disability healthcare and gain knowledge to improve health outcomes for this disadvantaged group ...
This very reasonably priced series of three self-paced EdX courses beginning in March 2016, is presented by Prof Nick Lennox and Miriam Taylor, from the Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability, University of Queensland.

Making a paper-based AAC-book
Assistive Ware, 15 October 2015
For many reasons it can be useful to create a paper-based book of your vocabulary. It gives you a backup communication system if anything should happen to your iPad. At different times, in different environments it can be very handy to have a paper copy! Perhaps the AAC user has more success accessing their communication in a book like this! And if we are trying to do more modeling in the AAC app, your paper-based book is just another way to do it!

I have created the entire vocabulary in this book and it was quite a job! However it is also okay to print and laminate a few pages to use in a specific way, eg. all the food pages to have a copy in the kitchen. This book is based on a 5X9 Grid in Proloquo2Go's Intermediate Core vocabulary, but you can use any AAC app to create a paper-based version ...

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