Monday, 8 February 2016

Service, Support and Success, Volume 5, Issues 1 and 2

Service, Support and Success is a monthly newsletter designed for direct support workers supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is published by Vita Community Services (Toronto, Canada), under the editorship of Dave Hingsburger and Angie Nethercott, and is freely available online.
Volume 5 - Issue 1 : Resolved: Change the World, Dave Hingsburger, 1 January 2016
New Year’s, for many, is a time when resolutions are made and, usually quickly thereafter, broken. Even so, some do succeed. Some make a decision, stick to it, and change their lives. This issue begins our 5th year of publication and, in talking about it, Angie and I decided to mark this milestone by telling you three stories. Each of these stories will illustrate how we all, in our work with people with disabilities, can, if we choose to, change the world. We can have an impact that is much greater than we imagine and, if we put our minds together and act as a group purposefully, what we achieve can be nothing less than world changing ... 
Volume 5 - Issue 2: Let's talk... about mental health and developmental disabilitiesYona Lunsky,   Rob Balogh, Kristin Dobranowski,  Avra Selick,  Elizabeth Lin, 1st February 2016
The Bell Let’s Talk campaign suggests 5 ways to end the stigma around mental illness: • language matters, • educate yourself, • be kind, • listen and ask, and • talk about it ...
Service Support and Success is well worth the (free) subscription or a bookmark if you work with or are interested in supporting people with intellectual disability.

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