Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Radio interview: remarkable parenting

Sue and Neil Coutts from Martins Creek (in the Hunter region) have opened their home to over 55 children in the past 20 years ... that's on top of raising their three biological children. They spoke to Ben Millington on 1233 (Newcastle) Mornings yesterday, to highlight the need for foster parents in NSW. 

Sue and Neil have cared both short and long term for a number of children with complex health care needs and disabilities. Their very strong and successful advocacy for their daughter Sarah to remain at the local primary school into her high school years because of her fragile health, was well supported by the local community and press as you can see from previous posts here and here. Sarah died at 14 in 2010, and Sue and Neil are now foster parents to two young sons with Down syndrome. 

This excellent interview is 14 minutes long, and well worth the time to listen, and contemplate the remarkable parenting of two of the most grown-up people you will ever hear.

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