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Monday, 21 July 2008

A mum touching on the goddess of small things .....

On MotherJungle, Susan, the mother of a young child with Down syndrome, puts things in perspective (18th July 2008): It is all too easy to make our children “projects.” That bodes even stronger for special needs kids. There’s always a skill to develop: walking, eating, speaking, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, reading, writing, social cues, social graces, bowel control, bladder control, and as the kids grow, so too does the list.

Read the post and comments here.

While Early Childhood Intervention services are welcomed by and supportive for most families most of the time, ambivalence about the perceived demands of intervention (at least at times) is not uncommon. Consider discussing your views with your service providers, with other parents, and you are always welcome to call our Parent Support Team, on 02 9683 4333.

This Australian paper looks at the need to strike a balance between therapy and ordinary family life, and the business of daily family life considering everyone's needs: "Mixed Feelings" , by Lisa Bridle and Glenys Mann, 2000.
Click here for the DS NSW web page on Early Childhood Intervention for links to more resources and information.

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