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Saturday, 12 July 2008

Some weekend reading from other blogs .....

I wish I had a camera .....
Chris is a US mother of three children, one of whom has Down syndrome. Her blog entry at Mothering by the Seat of My Pants for Thursday 10th July paints a nice picture of how family life can be challenged and given new perspectives by an event like the the birth of a child with Down syndrome.

Read it here - and take a look at the photo on the right of Tulips and Italian Bread - Holland and Italy United. Looks Good to Me! You probably know what she means ....

A Little More: To ask or not to ask ....
Jennifer Groneberg's contribution to Parent Dish for 10th July considers the question beloved of children in public places:

"Whats' wrong with him?" ...... I lift my finger to my mouth in the universal sign for "shhhh." All 3 of my children look at me, confused. They don't understand why I don't want to talk about it - we usually talk about everything, a running dialog on the state of the day ....

Her reasoning and conclusions are here.

Journey .... We make the journey. Then the journey makes us.
Dave Hingsburger has a wealth of stories, many of them about people with Down syndrome and their families. There's a short but good one amongst the three he tells in this entry (from 7th July) on Chewing the Fat. There's always something to think about, often something to laugh about - that's why so many of us read Dave's blog so regularly.

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