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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Images from our archives

2010 marks 30 years of supporting families for Down Syndrome NSW. The anniversary will be celebrated on several occasions during the year. Keeping Up with Down Syndrome NSW is delving into the archives to see where we've been.

This series of posts will feature the photos from our past Newsletter covers, as an online record, as we move into a new publication - a quarterly magazine produced in collaboration with Down Syndrome Victoria, to be called Voice, as it being developed from their current magazine of the same name. It will comprise a 24 page magazine with content of common interest, and each State will produce its own 8 page supplement specific to its own interests. The first issue of the new Voice is in production now and will be released in March 2010.

We have digital photographic records back to 1998. Prior to that we had bromides prepared on paper for printing, and before that even, we didn't have the resources to print photographs at all. The Newsletter was produced entirely in-house, including printing until 1989 when the printing was first out-sourced.

In our cover photo from the Autumn 1998 issue, twins Jessica and Rebecca were 13. Fast forward to our last NSW-only issue (Summer 2009 - 2010), and there are the twins again, on the occasion of Jessica's wedding in 2009 !

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Dovic said...

I love this idea!