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Friday, 16 July 2010

Relationships and Private Stuff workshops - September

Liz Dore presents the following workshops to support people who have an intellectual disability or ASD to develop good personal relationships.

Friendship and Dating Skills (for ages 18 years plus)

Saturday 18th & Saturday 25th September 2010, 3pm – 6pm

Woodstock Community Centre, 93 Fitzroy St, Burwood, NSW.

These workshops are held over two sessions. This gives the participants an opportunity to meet and socialise with others while learning through structured education activities. Topics include: conversation and turn taking; making friends; steps in forming relationships; touching, timing and consent; and protecting your self from unwanted touch. Informal activities such as going to a local pub or coffee shop are used to reinforce learning.

Friendships and Puberty Stuff (for ages 10 - 15 years)

Tuesday 28th September 2010, 10am – 2pm

Woodstock Community Centre, 93 Fitzroy St, Burwood.

This workshop uses group work, videos and other fun activities to help young people to develop important social skills. Topics include: feeling good about myself; effective communication, how to take turns to develop better friendships; what is a ‘real friend’? Puberty; how to look after myself; sex, babies and birth; and how to be boss of my body. The workshop uses informal activities including a picnic lunch in the park to reinforce learning.

Relationships and Sexuality (for ages 16 - 26 years)

Thursday 14th October 2010, 10am – 3pm

Woodstock Community Centre, 93 Fitzroy St, Burwood.

This workshop covers fundamental skills and knowledge that are necessary for good relationships. Topics include: communication and friendship; relationship development; taking care of myself; social and legal rules for touching and sex; and safe sex.

Regional NSW workshop

Relationships, Private Stuff and Disability
For parents and others supporting people with disability

Tuesday 24th August, 10am – 2pm

RSL Club, Dobbs St, Wagga Wagga.

This workshop gives parents strategies for supporting teenagers and young adults in relationships and sexuality. It will include practical ideas to support them to have healthy relationships. The aim being to improve their understanding of issues such as:

Puberty and self esteem; Relationship and communication skills; Appropriate and positive ways to sexual expression; Sex, consent and safe sex; and Protective behaviours.

For more information contact Liz Dore (Counsellor and Educator) on 0416 122 634 or  

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