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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Library Thursdays: Worlds Apart and The Specials

In the library this week are 2 new DVDs. Worlds Apart: Together in adversity (by Tim Robinson, Light on a Hill) is a documentary contrasting the lives of two boys with disabilities. Josh, who is 9 years old, has Down syndrome and other health issues and lives in Toowoomba and Suphot is a 17 year old living a remote area of Thailand who has fairly severe physical disabilities.
The film looks at the boys' day to day lives, therapies they receive, and the support from their friends and families. Josh is homeschooled mostly for health reasons. His immunity was quite low and he was away more than he was at school when he wasn't homeschooled. Suphot attends the local high school and has friends that enjoy him, look out for him and help him. Josh and his mother are very involved in their church and the film looks at how he fits in. There are a few stereotypical comments from friends and supporters, but overall, it is a very good look at the lives of these boys..
It is an interesting film and points out the contrast in the lives for people with disabilities in these two countries. It would have been even more interesting if their disabilities had been similar, but it was still a good look at the issue of disability in Australia and Thailand.

The other DVD in this week is season one of The Specials, the internet series about a housed shared by five friends with intellectual disabilities (some with Down syndrome). The series won a Webby award. The DVD includes the 10 episodes in high quality video as opposed to the compressed version shown on the internet. It also includes housemate profiles as well as the ability to have subtitles. It is quite a
good series and worth watching in a this more convenient format.

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If you'd like to borrow either of the DVDs or anything else from the library, just call or email.

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