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Monday, 21 March 2011

2011 World Down Syndrome Day Awards: Down Syndrome International

On Monday 21 March 2011, World Down Syndrome Day, Down Syndrome International (DSi) is delighted to announce the recipients of the 2011 World Down Syndrome Day Awards.

2011 is the second year of the World Down Syndrome Day Awards, presented to individuals or organisations whose voluntary, professional or scientific activities have strengthened and enriched the lives of people with Down syndrome, or contributed to scientific advancement related to Down syndrome.

This year’s recipients are as follows:

Voluntary and Professional Awards
4 individuals with Down syndrome receive awards for outstanding self-advocacy:

Ty Belnap (Australia) – Record breaking swimmer, surf lifeguard and stage and movie actor.

Mia Farah (Lebanon) – Self-advocate and international disability rights campaigner.

Malgorzata Jablonska (Poland) – Stage and movie actress, performing in many European countries.

Sujeet Desai (USA) – Accomplished musician and self-advocate with worldwide reputation.

3 individuals receive awards for outstanding professional activities:

Dr Branka Butorac (Croatia) – Headmaster of Down Syndrom Centar Pula, Croatia.

Driton Bajraktari (Kosovo) – Co-Founder and Executive Director of Down Syndrome Kosova, Kosovo.

Pauline L`vovna Zhiyanova (Russia) – Special Education Teacher, Downside Up, Russia.

4 organisations receive awards for outstanding professional activities:

Ikatan Sindroma Down Indonesia (ISDI) (Indonesia) – Down syndrome support and advocacy group.

Yaldei Tismonet Down (YATED) (Israel) – Down syndrome parent support organisation.

Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria (Nigeria) – Centre for children and adults with Down syndrome.

Robert Owen Communities (UK) – Charity supporting over 350 adults with learning disabilities.

2 individuals receive awards for outstanding volunteer activities:

Agnieszka Tucholska and Zofia Aleksandra Tucholska (Poland) – Young sisters with volunteering experience assisting people with Down syndrome and other learning disabilities.

1 individual receives an award for an outstanding contribution to raising awareness of Down syndrome:

Casper Lja (Canada) – 23 year old man who cycled 7,444 kilometres across Canada to raise awareness and money for Down syndrome advocacy.

Scientific Awards

1 individual receives an award for outstanding contribution as a medical professional in the field of Down syndrome:

Dr S Suresh (India) – Co-Founder and Chief Medical Director, MediScan Systems, Chennai, India.

President’s Special Recognition Award

2 individuals receive special awards for lifetime achievement in Down syndrome advocacy:

Penny Robertson OAM (Australia) – Pioneer of Down syndrome advocacy in Australia, Founder of Australian International School, Indonesia and Co-Founder of Down Syndrome International.

Dr Balbir Singh PBM (Singapore) – Founding Chairman of Down Syndrome Association Singapore, pioneer of World Down Syndrome Day programme and Social Service and Disability sector advocate.

All recipients are invited to a formal presentation of World Down Syndrome Day Awards for the years 2010-2012 taking place at the 11th World Down Syndrome Congress (WDSC) in Cape Town, South Africa from 15-17 August 2012.

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