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Monday, 19 March 2012

Oldest man with Down syndrome dies at 83

We are often asked about life expectancy for people with Down syndrome.  Currently, the life expectancy is usually given as into the late 50s, to early 60s, and continues to increase. As with any group, there are always a few people who lie beyond expectations for measures such as life spans. We are hearing about more people with Down syndrome living well into their 60s, 70s and even a few into their 80s.

The oldest man on record with Down syndrome, Bert Holbrook, died in the US last week, at 83.  This tribute is accompanied by a lovely photo of Mr Holbrook.

The article mentions that the oldest woman with Down syndrome on record lives in the UK.  Guinness World Records lists her as being 87, and still living in 2008 when their record was last checked.

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NKennedy said...

I knew a man in Pueblo, CO. with Down syndrome. He passed away last week at 67 years old. He lived with his father till he passed away last year at 99. I think the loss and heart break of losing his father started the failing health.