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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Weekend reading 22nd - 23rd September

11th Word Down Syndrome Congress presentations, Down Syndrome international, Capetown, August 2012 - downloadable copies of speaker's presentations 

Part 2 of Standardized Testing and Down syndrome: Age Equivalents, Jennifer Bekin, Let's Talk ABout Down Syndrome (blog), 17th September 2012. Includes link to Part 1, posted last week.

Ted joined Reds for a day, but changed team forever, John Eradi,, 16th September 2012 This article and photo gallery has lit up the internet this week.

'When he came along I was just a child myself and suddenly I had a child of my own with special needs.' How 15-year-old became Britain’s youngest mother of a Down’s Syndrome child, Mail Onine (UK), 17th September 2012

Joey has opened my eyes, Stephen Unwin, The Guardian on Facebook (UK), 15th September 2012. Joey has a complex, un-labelled disability.  His father writes about the challenges and joys in a straightforward, loving, but unsentimental way.

Letter to the Daily Mail, Frank Buckley, Down Syndrome Education International, and Keiron Smith (Author of The Politics of Down Syndrome), 7th September 2012

Email, Dave Hingsburger, Rolling Around in My Head blog, 21st September, 2012. Reflections on changes in attitudes of other towards people with disabilities expressing their sexuality.

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