Saturday, 20 October 2012

21 links for Down Syndrome Awareness Week 2012 (6)

People with Down syndrome use all the means of expressing themselves that we all do, and with appropriate support, will choose the ones that suit them best. They might have a lot to say. For many, verbal communication presents a range of challenges ... here are just three of many examples of people with Down syndrome who have been supported to express themselves through various art forms.
  • An innovative Hawai'ian photography project, Shine, has produced an outstanding online photography gallery, where people with Down syndrome are the photographers, and both they and their chosen subjects reveal something of their relationship. 

  • Beyond Technique: Inclusive Dance Master Class  In  2010, Accessible Arts NSW hosted a series of inclusive dance master classes at Carriageworks, Sydney, with Philip Channells, artistic director of Adelaide's multi award winning Restless Dance Theatre. Thirty-five people - dancers, performers and educators with and without disability - contributed to the broad range of experience in the class, culminating in an evening performance of the devised works. Several dancers with Down syndrome took part. Accessible Arts is currently hosting another series of dance master classes and performances.

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