Sunday, 21 October 2012

21 links for Down Syndrome Awareness Week 2012 (7)

Our final three links in our Down Syndrome Awareness Week 2012 series give us a glimpse into the lives of three young New South Wales men who have worked to find and develop their own interests, who are persistent, who have been motivated and supported to put in time and effort to achieve their own goals. Congratulations to each of you.

  • Jack's six pack: Discover the secret to getting fit, dealing with bullies and attracting the ladies. This two minute gem contains the philosophy of sport - and life - according to one charismatic, funny and wise young athlete, Jack Carroll. Made by Jamie Ryan and Mike Hocking, this film is part of the ABC Open 110% project, where community contributors make films about people who are nuts about sport.

  • Joe lives in Central Western NSW - a long, long way from the coast. Many local families take their leisure in waterskiing on the dam. In 2009, Joe's dad told us about beginning to teach Joe to waterski (at age 9). Fast forward three years to 2012,  and look at Joe now!

  • Gymnast Joshua Gray is the subject of Hannah Bent's short film, Have you heard of Joshua Gray?, a winning entrant in the recent Focus on Ability short film competition, run by Nova. Josh trains and competes with Special Olympics, and won  many medals at the World Special Olympics Games in Greece last year. Watch the film to see where he is headed this year.

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