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Friday, 3 May 2013

This week for the NDIS: bipartisan political support, increased community interest

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, and its funding has been prominent in the media over the last few days, the week ending with apparent bipartisan support for a levy to at least part fund it, and relevant legislation to be introduced into the current Parliament. A search for 'NDIS" in any online news service will throw up a list of reports and opinions.
The Australian community will be the winner from the finalisation of the national disability insurance scheme.Yes, there are many questions that have not been answered about how the scheme will work (not the least of which is where the rest of the funding will come from) and not much time in which to answer them.But they can be answered and Parliament can do this. 
 Let’s meet good faith with optimism. What a way for the 43rd Parliament to end.
Interest in how the NDIS will impact on individuals and families has been heightened by responses to remarks made by the CEO of Myer and other business leaders. The outcome might not have been anticipated by those business leaders, but the interest generated has been welcomed.
  • As Kurt Fearnley tweeted yesterday Disability discussed across the country. What a great couple of days, with the potential of permanent positive change.
  • Hijacking the NDIS, Kathryn Wicks, the Sydney Morning Herald's Community Editor and co-author of the Australian Autism Handbook 2013, comments on the response from business. 
The Every Australian Counts campaign continues to monitor progress, promote the need for an NDIS, and explain what it will mean for all Australians.  In an email to supporters today, the campaign director, John Della Bosca said:
It's been a great week, one of so many in this long fight for the NDIS. Thank you always for your support - none of this happens without you. A lot has happened in the campaign this week and we know that many of you will be wondering what it all means.
On Tuesday 7th May John Della Bosca will host a live Q and A on the Every Australian Counts Facebook page from 2.00 pm to answer your questions.

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