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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sophie's photograph of former PM now in Museum of Australian Democracy collection

The Museum of Australian Democracy ...  "recently acquired a rather lovely new item: a photo of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, taken by 12 year-old Sophie Deane, which now forms part of the museum’s digital collection.

Sophie, who has Down Syndrome, snapped Prime Minister Gillard in a candid moment on 4 May this year" ... read the story her on the museum's blog post from yesterday.

Sophie's Mum, Kirsten Deane, wrote this Facebook post for Down Syndrome Australia:
Today the Museum of Australian Democracy added a new photo to its collection - Sophie's picture of Julia Gillard. 
I told the story of this photo last week when I addressed the 5th Annual Pediatric Bioethics conference (I know, I know, I hang with the fast crowd). I had been asked to give a "parent's perspective" on prenatal diagnosis. I told this story because more than anything I wanted them to know that for all our medical advances, for all our knowledge - you just never know. 
For all the predictions that were made at the time of Sophie's diagnosis no one predicted that she would play a small part in the introduction of a revolutionary social policy reform that would transform the lives of thousands of people around the country. No one predicted that she would develop a love of photography (which we hope will continue to grow). And no one mentioned that she would take a photo that would one day end up in a museum. 
No one predicted these things because the truth is we all just don't know. So go Sophie - you just keep showin' em.
  • The Hoopla also reported the acquisition here.

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