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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

'We live in remarkable times' ...

Margaret (Gary) Bender, The Ordinary Life of an Extraordinary Girl, 18th August 2013
Just like thousands of families across the country I have been getting my daughter ready to go to college. And yesterday, just like thousands of Moms across the country I put my daughter Alex on a plane to go to college ... We live in remarkable times.

Alex  is the 'extraordinary girl' about whom her mother, Margaret (known as Gary) has written the blog The Ordinary Life of an Extraordinary Girl, for several years, and the book From Grief to Celebration. This week, 20 year old Alex is starting college interstate - the beginning a whole new life. Gary has chronicled the decision making, the planning and the process of getting ready for this major transition - and Alex has been reminding her about all the changes she about to experience, including how she is not planning on ever living at home again.

The story includes reference to the less than 'six degrees of separation' that might describe the connectedness of families in which there is a person with Down syndrome, as Alex and Gary meet up with another  blogger, Susan and her daughter, April (April's Anecdotes). They first tell the Benders about the college program Alex is now entering at University of Cincinnati, and have become firm friends.

It is worthwhile reading back through Gary's posts over recent months if you are not a regular reader of the blog, to appreciate the story so far.

The Ordinary Life of an Extraordinary Girl is also a Facebook page that might interest you.

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