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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

News and commentary on/from the NDIS (27)

National Disability Insurance Agency quarterly reports

EveryAustralian Counts
Revisit the Every Australian Counts campaign website - it has been overhauled, with easier navigation and updated information links.

The latest call for action in the campaign is to have a timetable for the full rollout revealed:

NDIS: See it through, 9th December 2014

The full rollout of the NDIS across Australia is due to start in most states and territories in July 2016 and be complete by 2018 or 2019. (You can see the details of your state or territory here). 
There is still a lot of work to be done to make sure the 460,000 people with disability will get the supports and services they need within that timeframe. 
But, there is no comprehensive strategy for the full NDIS rollout. There is no specific timeline for delivery. There is no schedule for who will get it next, and who will get it last. 
People with disability and their families and carers have waited a long time for the kind of support the NDIS will bring. They are holding out to know when it will be their turn. 
This Friday, 12 December, is the Ministerial Council on Disability Reform - all the state and territory Ministers for disability services will be there. This is our chance to get their ear on this issue ... click here for details of what you can do.
Hell will have no fury like mine: NDIS Senator Fifield warns states
Chris Uhlmann, AM (ABC Radio), 9th December 2014
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is designed to revolutionise disability services and, in theory, allow families to be in charge of what they need. Trials are underway and AM has been told some parts of the system are not coping. There's growing concern that state and territory governments are withdrawing support before some trials even begin, leaving people with disabilities in limbo. The man charged with running the Commonwealth end of the scheme work is the Assistant Minister for Social Services, Senator Mitch Fifield ...

Disability services axed as providers jump the gun on NDIS
Rick Morton, The Australian, 8th December 2014
An urgent investigation into the loss of disability services amid the slow development of a national insurance scheme needs to take place as reports emerge of people losing support years before they will be covered by the new program.

Mal Brough, the chairman of parliament’s joint standing committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme, told The Australian there was evidence of state and territory systems abrogating their responsibilities to deliver disability services even in jurisdictions not yet trialling the scheme ...

Should ADHC Close?
NSW Council for Intellectual Disability (blog) 2nd December 2014
There is considerable community concern about the NSW Government’s decision to close ADHC as the NDIS is rolled out in NSW.  Families have been saying to NSW CID that they have fought hard to obtain quality ADHC services and that they should have the choice to keep these. They point out that the NDIS is about choice and control ...

Indigenous still waiting for disability service
Rick Morton, The Australian, 2nd December 2014
... The rollout of the $28 billion (National Disability Insurance) scheme risks “making all the same mistakes” that have locked indigenous Australians out of the health and social support systems, according to a former NDIS planner and national operations manager of the First Peoples Disability Network, Andrew Fernando ...

Calls to give NDIS spending buffer
Rick Morton, The Australian, 30th October 2014
The national disability insurance scheme will become unsustainable if it expands faster than the market that is meant to service it, leading to significant inflationary pressure on prices, the scheme’s actuary says. The report from the actuary, contained in the first annual report for the NDIS released yesterday, was backed by Australian Government Actuary Peter Martin, who wrote to chairman Bruce Bonyhady earlier this month ...

Rachel Browne, Sydney Morning Herald, 29th October 2014
The National Disability Insurance Agency underspent its budget by $18 million in the 2013-14 financial year, driving savings by reducing formal support in favour of "informal support" provided by family and community members ...

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