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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

21 people with Down syndrome at work - 21 different jobs (1)

We can work with the right support is a current campaign of Inclusion Australia, the national peak body for people with intellectual disability.

In the past, when people with Down syndrome who did have jobs were more likely to have been in jobs deemed 'suitable' for a person with an intellectual disability. Now, their jobs are increasingly reflecting the personal and diverse  interests of individuals. People with Down syndrome are working in many different kinds of jobs, in a wider range of fields than ever before. Look around your own community, and take note of where you see workers with Down syndrome - you might be surprised.

For the next twenty one days, finishing on World Down Syndrome Day on 21 March, we will note a different job that someone with Down syndrome does - some will be international, since we can all learn from others all over the world.

21 people with Down syndrome at work - 21 different jobs

Day 1: Let's start with a high profile employment story from 2015 - Steven Payne has worked for more than ten years as a strapper in the horse racing industry.

The 21 people with Down syndrome at work - 21 different jobs posts are being compiled into a single page, linked in the list just under the banner at the top of this screen. 
Your contributions are welcome, if you would like to highlight your own job, or someone with Down syndrome who is working - email the editor at

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