Wednesday, 25 May 2016

People with Down syndrome in the media

Old-fashioned Gold Coast coming-of-age ceremony still a hit for Queenslanders with disabilities
Tom Forbes, ABC News, 21 May 2016
... "I'm proud of myself, that's how I feel." (Taylor Anderton's) debutante partner was her fiance Michael Cox, 24, who travelled from Brisbane to attend many of the rehearsals ...
  • Includes video from Australia Wide.
California Woman with Down Syndrome Fulfills Dream of Becoming a Zumba Instructor
Tiare Dunlap, People, 16 May 2016
... Now, as the first Zumba instructor with Down syndrome in the United States, Arescurenaga regularly teaches around California. Last week, she and her mom traveled to Anchorage, Alaska, where she led two days of dance classes ...

Young man with Down syndrome becomes youngest business owner in his town
ABC 7 (US), 2 May 2016
Blake Pyron, 20, is the youngest business owner in the town of Sanger, Texas, and the only one with Down syndrome ... When Blake Pyron was born, his mother said that she, like many mothers of children with Down syndrome, was told there'd be many things he wouldn't be able to do. On May 7, Blake, now 20 years old, will open his own snow cone shack.
Heather Waliga, ABC 11, 4 May 2016
Paul Kocher walked confidently into his new role Wednesday morning at the North Carolina General Assembly wearing a brand new blazer and carrying a briefcase ... As he neared the end of his first day on the job, it became evident Kocher's new position was a perfect fit ...

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