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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Research news and commentary #5 for 2016

Everybody counts: Maths teaching for children with Down syndrome
Research Developments - Australian Council for Educational Research, 21 March 2016
Students with Down syndrome are increasingly experiencing education alongside their peers in inclusive mainstream classrooms, and the latest Australian research indicates that these students can learn a great deal of mathematics in primary school with good teaching and the right support.

Research by Dr Rhonda Faragher and Professor Doug Clarke from Australian Catholic University and Associate Professor Barbara Clarke from Monash University, facilitated by ACER, investigates the practices of teaching teams working in inclusive mathematics education settings. Their research has found that students with Down syndrome can learn and become more confident with mathematics when educators are able to provide appropriate teaching and support ...

High Risk of Arthritis in Down's Syndrome
Nancy Walsh, MedPage Today, 2 May 2016
Children with Down's syndrome should have an annual musculoskeletal examination because of their increased risk of developing arthritis, an association that is widely under-appreciated, a researcher said here [British Society for Rheumatology Conference, Glasgow, 26-28 April 2016] ...

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