Thursday, 5 February 2015


New library title:

Can I tell you about Dyspraxia?A guide for friends, family and professionals
Maureen Boon
Told as a first person narrative account of Marco, a school-boy with Dyspraxia. The short book gives useful insights into what it feels like to have the condition.
Members' libraryThe Down Syndrome NSW library catalogue is available to view here.  

Down Syndrome Research Foundation App Store
A list of DSRF's most highly recommended apps for individuals with Down syndrome; a portion of all proceeds of sales generated through these links will support DSRF. DSRF is located in Vancouver, Canada.

5 Ways to Teach an Older Child with Special Needs about Hygiene
Becca Eisenberg, Friendship Circle, 3rd February 2015
Many older children, teenagers, and young adults are challenged with how to maintain good hygiene and have a decreased awareness. These individuals often rely on the adults in their life to help remind and guide them to wash hands, shower every day, shampoo hair, etc ... Here are five ways to increase awareness and help teach improved hygiene skills with older children, teenagers and young adults with special needs.
Dual Diagnosis ASC / DS
The Down's Syndrome Association in London has established a new blog for families with a member with dual diagnosis Autism Spectrum Condition/Down’s syndrome (ASC/DS)
There will be a new blog piece every month.

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