Friday, 20 February 2015


Down Syndrome Education International's series of posts on education research, leading up to World Down Syndrome Day (21st March) has reached #16 this week, and it is an important, wide ranging one on the multiple impacts of commonly occurring sleep disorders on children with Down syndrome:

Sleep is important for development and learning, behaviour and general health. Research suggests that sleep problems are common among young people with Down syndrome and are likely linked to cognitive difficulties and behaviour problems. Further research is needed to evaluate treatments and potential therapies ... see more here

Down Syndrome Education International has also held its first webinar for the year (see more here about future dates), and the slides and video from the presentation are now available online, here

Book Reading Checklist for Parents - Hanen Centre
This checklist is a useful quick reference for use at home.  It has two parts, How You Share Books, and How Your Child Participates in Book Reading, and prompts follow up on where to go next with your child's literacy activities at home.
The Hanen Centre supports parents and professionals to help young children develop the best possible early language and literacy skills. For more tips on making the most of book reading to build your child’s early literacy skills, go to

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