Saturday, 21 February 2015

Weekend reading and viewing: 21st - 22nd February 2015

Down syndrome should not be feared
David Perry, WCVB Boston, 18th February 2015
... Despite the good press and the outpouring of support, when one's own child is diagnosed with Down syndrome, far too many people react with a toxic combination of fear and terror.

Fortunately, there are antidotes: information, experts and community. Thanks to the power of the Internet and the commitment of activists, politicians and experts of all sorts, access to these antidotes has never been easier ...

There's a silver lining?
Force of Nature, 15th February 2015
... It was honestly within a split second, I asked simon a question and that was it, Seb had gone. The usual panic rose inside but we tried to stay calm knowing he couldn’t have gone far. But which way to turn in all this routes? ...

Orange Juice Flavour Sky, 15th February 2015
... Having children changes your perception of love. Having a child with special needs takes it to the next level - not that I love Emily any more or any less than my other children. However, there are certain lessons of life which are learned when you have a child with special needs which we don’t necessarily learn with our other children. The journey towards learning these lessons and the love which accompanies our journey will look different for each and every one of us, so I don’t presume that everyone will have the same experience as me. However, there may well be echoes of a truth which resonate ...

Love doesn't discriminate
Enable Magazine, 13th February 2015
It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and learning disability charity Mencap are celebrating matters of the heart with their video, featuring couples with learning disabilities and without – showcasing the fact that love doesn’t discriminate. In a guest blog, Lorainne Bellamy, who has a learning disability and works at Mencap (pictured below), talks about relationships and learning disability…

Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing Year in Review: 2014
Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing, 31st December 2014
The year 2014 mirrored the paradoxical trajectory of Down syndrome: just as things have never been better for individuals with Down syndrome, fewer are choosing to welcome children with Down syndrome into their families ...

Increasingly, Libraries Becoming More Inclusive
Jayna Omaye, Orlando Sentinel, 2nd February 2015
...Florida State University recently developed an online training tool that includes ways library staff, specifically those in rural areas, can communicate with and offer alternatives to visitors with autism ...

A personal story of choice and control
Lauren Hislop, My Choice Matters (blog), 6th February 2015
... I have asked my agency if I could meet the carers before they come to assist me. The agency informed me that, due to limited funding, they can't grant this request. So, 10 minutes after I initially meet a carer, I have to strip naked in front of them. In most situations somebody would really expect to be bought a drink prior to allowing someone else to see them naked!! In all honesty, I find this extremely dehumanising and disrespectful. It leaves me in an extremely vulnerable state ...

Optional, People or Optional People?
Leah Smith, The Disability Dialogue, February 2015
... (I) want to ensure that actors and actresses with disabilities have equal access to all the roles that their non-disabled peers have, especially those that specifically call for a disabled character; however, what seems more important in my mind is the story is being told about the person with a disability ...

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