Friday, 13 March 2015

Weekend reading and viewing: 14th - 15th March 2015

Proudly, Outloudly
Dave Hingsburger, Rolling Around in My Head, 9th March 2015
... Like it or not your child has been born into a life of advocacy. By the sheer nature of their disability and their difference and by the circumstance of the timing of their arrival - they will live a life of cutting new paths, challenging preconceptions and prejudices and opening the way for others who follow ...
Embracing Wade, 11th March 2015
Rightly or wrongly I have decided that I want Wade to try mainstream activities first before we try disability specific ones. This is not a judgement on other parents choices, different kids need different things, it’s just the Plan A I have for Wade and then I’m prepared to go to Plan B if needed. But it’s hard to reconcile the high expectations I hold for him with the question that constantly rears it’s head in the back of my mind.

Are you doing this for him or for you?

Daily Life, 12th March 2015
... Desiree Andrews is a cheerleader with the Lady Knights Squad at Lincoln Middle School in Kenosha, Wisconsin, who has Down syndrome. During a recent home basketball game, she was getting bullied by some people in the bleachers.

The dudes on the court, noticing the fracas, did something awesome: they called a timeout, walked off the court, and told the bully "Don't mess with her" ...

Kimchi Latkes, 5th March 2015
... I want to suggest here, to the person who uses that word (retard) and any derivations of it, that it is personal, you do mean it like that, you are talking about my kid, it isn’t about being politically correct, and asking for respect is not an act of policing the English language.

What are we talking about, then? Here is where I think we get tripped up. I think we are getting fixated on a single poisoned branch of a tree, not realizing that cutting off that one branch will not work in the long run. I think we need to step back and look at what poison feeds that tree, really dig deep into what this word means ...

Frances Ryan, New Statesman, 9th March 2015
... The internet age characterises the tone of tragedy ...Fallible women and pitiable disability. The comment function below allows instant, public commentary ...

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