Saturday, 21 March 2015

Weekend reading and viewing: World Down Syndrome Day edition

My Opportunities, My Choices
Interviews with people with Down syndrome from 39 countries looking at their enjoyment of full and equal rights and the role of their families. This global video event is presented for World Down Syndrome Day, Saturday 21 March 2015 by Down Syndrome International.

"‘My Opportunities, My Choices’ – Enjoying Full and Equal Rights and the Role of Families"United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA

Friday 20 March 2015 (this event has occurred overnight, Australian time).

Australian speakers were:

Dr Rhonda Faragher and Ruth Faragher (self-advocate) - Australia Senior Lecturer, Australian Catholic University, Australia, "Inclusive Education for Learners with Down Syndrome: The Family's Role in Getting it Right."

Professor Monica Cuskelly – Australia Associate Professor, School of Education, The University of Queensland, “Constructing Futures: The Roles of Family”
UN Secretary-General's Message for 2015This year’s World Down Syndrome Day falls as the international community is striving to create a universal, transformative agenda for sustainable development. The links between disability, human rights and development span a wide spectrum of development issues relating to economic, social and environmental factors ...
A excellent question, with a great answer, for World Down Syndrome Day:

‘Daddy, What’s Down Syndrome?’ Explaining My Son’s Diagnosis to His Sister
David Perry, Yahoo  - Parenting, 17th March 2015
... she asked why he was doing different things, rather than why he was different than other children. The latter didn’t occur to her — he was, after all, her big brother ...
#education21 - how educational research is helping children with Down syndrome today
The complete series of 21 posts, from Down Syndrome Education International.

21 Reasons ...
Krista Rowland Collins, A Perfect Extra Chromosome, 21st March 2015
On March 21st, we will celebrate differences, we will celebrate being unique, we will celebrate all abilities and our wonderfully made children.

21 reasons why I love my daughter and how she has made our world a more beautiful place ...

Search social media via #wdsd2015 for many other celebrations around the world.

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