Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Discrimination in Qld court ruling criticised on appeal

Not all the news has been sweetness and light over the holidays. This news story was published in Queensland over the weekend, and has, as you might expect, been much commented upon.  Down Syndrome Australia commented (on Facebook, 3 January 2016) ...
It would be easy to blame the judiciary for this appalling discriminatory action, but these attitudes still do and will continue to permeate much of our society as long as we allow anything less than fully inclusive life opportunities for people with Down syndrome. 
Happily, the judge's decision was struck down on appeal. if only attitudes and beliefs could be so easily changed.
Down syndrome man’s case upheld on appeal after ‘shocking’ slight by judgeKay Dibben, The Courier-Mail, 2 January 2016
A District Court judge has been criticised for deciding a man with Down syndrome did not need a share of his father’s estate because he could not go to the pub, races or the movies ...

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