Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Parenting with an intellectual disability: on 'The Project'

From NSW CID on Facebook, 5 January 2016:

All parents need support to raise a child. Support needs vary depending on many things like life experience and how we learn.

Last night Ch10's The Project shared Ashley Odger's story, a Dad with intellectual disability who is challenging the misconception that parents with intellectual disability can't make good parents.

"They thought it was not going to work but I proved them wrong" says Ashley. Meet him and his daughter here:
Parenting with a disability, The Project, 4 January 2016
Ashley Odgers may have a genetic condition leaving him with an intellectual disability, but he's proven to critics that he can also be a wonderful father.

For more information on support for parents with intellectual disability contact Ask CID on 1800 424 065 or email info@nswcid.org.au

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