Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Some resources for the new school year

... because you know the 2016 school year is just a week or so away in NSW!

A letter to my child's teacher for 2016
Sam Paior has set up The Growing Space, providing 'Independent Disability Support and Advocacy for Families in South Australia, as well as training and engagement support for DSO's. ' 

Many of her resources are useful way beyond South Australia. A letter to my child's teacher for 2016 was shared on Facebook on 13 January 2016 ... 'Here's a draft for you to cut and paste and edit as you like. It's just a starting point, but might give you some ideas!'

Helping children with Down’s syndrome to learn
Gillian Bird, SEN Magazine (UK), 2015
... a useful guide to help teachers understand the learning profile associated with Down’s syndrome.

Students with Down syndrome in primary education in the Netherlands: regular or special?

Gerrit Willem de Graaf, FRANN, 2014
An infographic comparing inclusive and segregated education.

Resolutions for the inclusive classroom
Paula Kluth, 4 January 2016
An organising resource designed for classroom teachers, with suggestions for goals to promote inclusion.

Down Syndrome NSW Education Conference 2016:
EMBRACING SUCCESS - Realising the Potential
17 - 18 March 2016

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