Thursday, 15 September 2016

News, resources and commentary on the NDIS (56)

NDIS and Me
People with Down syndrome and/or their families and carers can join the closed Facebook Group, NDIS and Me, for discussion specifically about the NDIS and people with Down syndrome.

Disability Loop - a way to find out more about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Through Disability Loop you can:
  • Find a great selection of resources relating to the NDIS
  • Find out how the NDIS is working for other people
  • Have your say about the NDIS
  • Keep up to date with news and events about the NDIS
Disability Loop is a project that has been paid for by the NDIS. It is run by, and for, people with disability and their allies.

What on Earth is Supports Coordination, Plan Management and LAC?
Libby Ellis, InCharge, 29 August 2016
This is another confusion-clearing piece – this time about the difference between Supports Coordination, Plan Management and Local Area Coordinators (LACs).
  • This is the second post of a six-part series on confusion-clearing and myth-busting pieces about the NDIS.
Auslan video series on NDISThe National Disability Insurance Agency has released an Auslan video series. The five videos provide Auslan interpretations of some of the Agency's recent videos. The videos cover general information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), getting ready for the NDIS, the NDIS pathway as well as working with the NDIS.

You can watch the five Auslan videos in the playlist here

espyconnect, 31 August 2016
... with the introduction of the NDIS, I feel my life is once again being controlled by budgets and measured units of time. Now it is about our daughter’s NDIS package and the monetary budgets it contains. It is a worrying thought as organisations become more focused on their finances and maximising funding. I am concerned that this will affect the focal concept of the client’s being at the centre and I believe will make finances the focal point. I am seeing this happen right in front of my eyes ...

Luke Bo'sher, Disability Services Consulting,15 August 2016
Two months have passed since the NDIA released its final housing policy paper. Now that we all know the detail, what are players across Australia doing about creating housing?

DSC has held forums and met with private developers, group home providers, community housing providers, governments, banks and the NDIA. This is what we are seeing emerge as the next generation of housing in the NDIS ...

Charities Must Not Be Afraid To Invest in NDIS Future
Pro Bono News, Andrew Donne, 1 September 2016
The NDIS constitutes a seismic shift for the disability sector. But now is not the time to lose faith – it’s more important than ever that organisations have the courage of their convictions, and continue to invest in the future ...

Launchpad - Our Story: Getting Started With The NDIS
A website published by Austism Spectrum Australia with a focus on information and experiences about life after school. The section on 'getting started with the NDIS' might be of interest to people with a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism.

Women Carers Rights and Wrongs, 2 September 2016
When it comes to doing the hard yards, we carers do the lion’s share. But our portion of the spoils is meagre, and the belly of one particularly tetchy lioness is growling.

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